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Navigate App Overview

What is the Navigate app?

It is a free mobile app designed to streamline and simplify your academic experience whether you're new to FSU or just about to graduate. When you use the Navigate app you'll have answers at your fingertips, be able to make helpful connections quickly, and reduce the likelihood of missing an important event. It's a little bit like a personal advisor/assistant combo that can help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed with all the different things you're trying to keep track of during your college career. You've got a lot going on - let Navigate help!

Why use it?

The Navigate app offers:

  • Easy, efficient appointment scheduling:
    With both academic advisors and official FSU tutoring services. Keep in mind: If you need to cancel an appointment, you will have to do so by logging into and using Campus Connect.
  • Great way to view your class schedule on-the-go:
    Know where you need to be and when.
  • Ability to resolve account holds more easily:
    The Hold Center allows you to view all holds on your account so that you can understand why you have a hold and get in touch with the right department to get your hold removed ASAP.
  • Calendaring options that work for you:
    Not only can you view your class schedule - you can sync it directly to your smartphone. Combine this with syncing your Canvas account calendar to your phone and you'll be able to view and get reminders for every to-do quickly and easily without being logged in to Canvas or Navigate.
  • Helpful to-do list that feels like having a personal assistant-advisor combo:
    Ever wanted to get reminders to fill out your FAFSA information each year? Now you can! Navigate will remind you to register for the next semester's classes, know important deadlines, and more. You can opt to get reminders via text message, email, or push notification. If the notifications start to feel overwhelming, you can always adjust them to find that sweet spot between being bombarded and getting just the right number of reminders.
  • Variety of helpful resources right at your fingertips:
    From connecting with academic support services, and campus services, to health and wellness information, Navigate has you covered. No need to spend time googling when you have this app on your phone!

How do I access the Navigate app?

There are two ways to access Navigate:

  1. From within the MyFSU Mobile app.
    Open MyFSU Mobile and click on the Navigate app icon:
    (click image below to enlarge it)

    If it does not appear on the homescreen, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner and find Navigate listed under FSU Apps:
    (click images below to enlarge them)

  2. Download Navigate directly from Google Play or the Apple Store.
    You'll have to select "Florida State University" from the school list and log in using your FSUID and password, then you're all set!
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