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Microsoft Immersive Reader in Canvas

Microsoft's Immersive Reader tool was recently integrated into Canvas, and is available to try out in your Canvas development sites - no setup needed. Immersive Reader is an excellent tool to make your course more accessible and inclusive to all learners because it improves the web-based reading experience. You and your students can:

  • Change a Canvas page's typography
  • Clearly display and work mathematical problems
  • Use a picture-based dictionary to visualize words
  • And more! 

Watch this brief video to learn more:

How to enable Immersive Reader within your Canvas course site

Immersive Reader is automatically available in your development sites, but if you want to use it in your live course sites you will need to put in this request with your Canvas Subaccount Administrator. If you are not sure who your Canvas Subaccount Administrator is, please feel free to reach out to our Helpdesk  and we will guide you to the correct contact. At present, Immersive Reader cannot be enabled for individual course sites, and instead must be made available for entire groups of courses in Canvas, so this decision will need to be made by Subaccount Administrators based on what will best that entire subaccount

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