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How to use Kaltura to play YouTube videos in your course

Want to add a YouTube video into your course? You can already do this in Canvas, but now you can use Kaltura's player to play YouTube videos instead.

Why use Kaltura to play YouTube videos?

  • Increase accessibility of course media
    Kaltura's video player increases the accessibility of the YouTube videos that you want to use in your course. If a YouTube video does not have closed captions, then you can use Kaltura to add machine-generated captions to the video to better meet the diverse learning needs of your students. These captions are then used to create an automated transcript for your students.
  • Leverage Kaltura's analytics to track media engagement
    Using Kaltura's video player for YouTube videos allows you to access analytics that will help you to determine how many students are watching these course videos and for how long they are watching these videos. Directly embedding a YouTube video into your course does not give you access to any analytics unless you own the YouTube video.
  • Standardize course media interface
    All the videos in your course will use the same display, so your students will watch these videos via the same Kaltura player that they are already used to using.

Keep in mind

It is critically important that you include "YouTube" in the video title of any YouTube videos that you add to your course using this Kaltura feature.
YouTube videos are not actually added to your Kaltura My Media account. The videos instead remain on YouTube's servers and simply use the Kaltura player to display and play the video. As a result, if the video owner takes down the YouTube video this will break the Kalture video embed in your course. We are not able to see if a video is pulled over from YouTube or if you created the video yourself because both types of videos display the exact same way for Kaltura administrators. Using this "YouTube" naming convention will help FSU's ODL Technical Support team to better troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Step-by-step directions

To get started, simply navigate to your My Media page in Canvas and then select Add New and follow these directions for adding media from YouTube. Remember to include the word "YouTube" in your video title.

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