Canvas Organization Migration Instructions

Trying to migrate a course site, not an organization? See our Canvas Course Migration Instructions.

Step 1: Clean up your organization site.

Clean up your Blackboard organization site by deleting unnecessary duplicates and/or archiving old files. Move only current files to your Canvas site.

  1. Choose Control Panel, then Content Collection, and choose your organization ID (usually the first option).
  2. (If desired - this is not required, but strongly encouraged) Archive your content by clicking File Type, then Download Package. Save the zip file of contents on a local storage device. You may want to discard old items and/or organize the files into folders for easier archive retrieval.
  3. Clean up unnecessary duplicates or old files you no longer need by clicking the box next to the file name, and then clicking delete.

Step 2: Export your content.

  1. Choose Control Panel under Organization Management.
  2. Then, choose Packages and Utilities and Export/Archive Organization.

  3. In the Export/Archive Organization menu, choose Export Package.
  4. Choose Select All and then Submit.
  5. You will receive an email when the export file has completed, or just refresh the page to see the zip file.
  6. You will find the zip file in your "Downloads" folder. Double click the file to download it.

    TIP: Doing a full export can get very messy. Canvas doesn't know how to interpret many items from Blackboard, so they end up as "junk" in your Canvas site. If you have tons of content and folders, you may want to SKIP this export process. Simply download your content (see step 1b above), organize your files into folders on your computer, and then drag and drop the folders into the files section of your Canvas organization site. Then you can create pages, type in the text you need from scratch, and attach the files.

Step 3: Import Blackboard Export File into your Canvas organization site.

  1. Choose Settings.
  2. Choose Import Content into this Course.
  3. Choose the Content Type "Blackboard 6/7/8/9 export .zip file."
  4. Click Choose File, choose the zip file that you exported from Blackboard, then click Open.
  5. Choose All content, then click the Import button.
  6. The page will show when the import has completed.

Step 4: Organize your content in your Canvas site.

  1. Make a homepage that reflects the welcome page to your organization, and then add the links to your file content on that page.
    TIP: Sign up for a consulting session with ODL technical support to get help using Design Tools to create a beautiful home page.
  2. If you use modules to organize your content, you will have to rearrange, re-indent, and re-name, and perhaps delete some extra module names.
  3. Click Edit on any page to access the Rich Content Editor and your files of exported content in the Content Selector.
  4. Check to be sure that all of your links still function correctly.
    Tip: Go to Settings, scroll down to the bottom, and click more options. Choose the number of announcements you want to show on the home page, or un-check if you don't want any to show. Check the other settings as shown.

    TIP: If you allow participants to comment on announcements, be sure you adjust your notification settings:
  5. Be sure you publish every page and/or module for the site to be ready for participants to join your organization.

  6. Choose Settings, then Student View to see how the organization will look to participants.
  7. If you would like to change items in the student navigation, choose Settings, then Navigation. Drag menu items you want to hide or show participants.
    Additional Tip: Choose Account, then Notifications to set your preferences for how you receive notifications from Canvas. These are global settings for all courses in which you are enrolled. Be sure to explain this to your participants.
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  • 26-Jul-2018